I am Rachna a health worker posted at Sub-Center Sukrah of Samote block in Chamba; one of the Aspirational District of Himachal Pradesh. The rapid escalation in cases of COVID19 was making me worried for the high risk pregnant women of my area. In this time children, aged person and pregnant women are the most vulnerable population and especially high risk pregnant women. I was very much worried about their pregnancy as well as their safety against COVID19.

With the increasing cases I along with my co-workers were working around the cloak to inform and protect the high risk pregnant women of our area. We were working hard to reach out to the HRPW and provide them with correct information about the pandemic and ways to protect themselves.
The HRP APP developed by Government of Himachal Pradesh in collaboration with USAID Vriddhi for tracking high risk Pregnancy along with the outcome of their pregnancy emerged as a blessing in this gloomy time. I have been using the HRP app in Anmol tab earlier also, for tracking high risk pregnant women and outcome of their pregnancy.

But with Vriddhi team’s support my co-workers and I started sending informative messages through the app to the pregnant women on accurate and effective information about COVID19 disease, how it spreads and preventive measures for the same as handwashing, hand hygiene, coughing etiquettes and social distancing. Counselling became very easy and quick with the use of HRP App. All the women were communicated in a go without any trouble of visiting the facility and much effort.

My co-health workers and I find us empowered with this use of HRP App, in preventing one of the most vulnerable population in this pandemic and contribute towards the ultimate goal of the country. My co-workers and I am very thankful to USAID Vriddhi team for their continuous effort and support.