Newborn Stabilization Units (NBSU) are an important part of the Facility Based Newborn Care (FBNC), established at the sub-district level to add to the total bed capacity for care of sick and small newborns. As per government records, today there are 45 NBSUs in Uttarakhand and 39 NBSUs in Jharkhand. The aim of the NBSU is to manage and stable newborns, before referral for better survival chances, many of which were not admitting newborns.

Vriddhi project supported 2 state governments of Jharkhand and Uttarakhand in assessment to understand the gaps in functionality of the NBSUs. This assessment highlighted extreme shortage of human resource besides other gaps. The project is supporting NBSU implementation model in the state of Jharkhand and Uttarakhand. The current gaps in human resources were advocated with the competent authorities which lead to allocation of medical officers and staff nurses.

In addition, Vriddhi project supported capacity building by utilizing state government funds. These efforts lead to NBSU admitting newborn and many precious lives being saved. This success story is mobilizing NBSUs in other states as well.